What is our purpose?

The goal of We Made People is to provide practical content for those who want to establish a productive Christian household which will last generations.

Towards this end, we focus on four major topics:

  • Biblical Sexuality: How do you faithfully live out your God-given sex according to His design and Word?

  • Productive Households: How does a married couple live a fruitful life that results in children, assets, and influence?

  • Biblical Localism: How do you and your household put down roots in and prioritize the place God has placed you?

  • Intergenerationalism: How do you wisely hand down the unchanging faith, godly familial traditions, and wealth from one generation to the next?

It should be added that we produce content with first generation Christians particularly in mind. It’s hard to live a productive life which glorifies God. This difficulty is only compounded when you are starting from scratch but… it can be done by the grace of God.

Who are we?

We met at a bible study while in high school in 1998. We married in 2003. God blessed us with four boys and four girls. One of those girls, Nicaea, went ahead of us to be with the Lord. Michael studied literature, history, and theology. Emily studied nursing and worked as a registered nurse in telemetry.  Michael is a business leader and pastor at East River Church. Emily is the household executive at Casa De Foster. We live on a small farm in Batavia, OH.

If you’d like to support us…

The minimum you can charge for content on Substack is $5 a month. You can reduce it to $4.17 if you are willing to prepay for a year at $50. So, about $1 a week.

All of these funds go towards paying for production costs. We aim to rework as much of our content as possible for other platforms. It would be great to hire some folks to handle our post-production for us. Things are kind of busy around Casa De Foster.

As a way of expressing gratitude to our paid subscribers, we will preview episodes ahead of time and always prioritize your questions for any of our Q&A episodes.

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Michael & Emily Foster 

Michael is a pastor, author, and businessman. Emily is a retired RN and "household executive" (aka housewife). They live with their seven children on a small farm in Batavia, OH.